IPOD, Marketing success

Nick Haley is a britanic student who is 18 yeras old. Few month ago, he decided to create his own Ipod Touch advertising. He put his video on Youtube. This ad  came to Apple ears who asked to its advertising agency to contact this student.

This is the Nick Haley’s original ad:

And now, the official Apple advertising managed by the young student:

The similaries are incredible, isn’t it? So the moral of this story is that you can become a millionaire if you like a brand, and if you have nothing else to do!


{November 11, 2007}   An infatuation for Ipod advertising

The original aspects of Ipod adevrtisings obtained a real general craze. The number of the parodies that we can find on internet is incredible. I choose for you ones of them:

The Icogne (“I band” in English)

The Ipon (famous judo hold)

The Idio (a stupid man in English)

Since one month, Star Academy, a french TV show use opening credits which have lots of similaries with Ipod advertisings,

 it’s up to you to judge :

              Only one years after the first Ipod sale, Apple decided to create specials editions emblazoned with the image of biggest superstars.
              Few examples:


The IPOD Jackson

The IPOD Harry Potter

But more than the special editions, Apple chooses today to give to its consumers the opportunity to ingrave their own inscriptions on their ITouch, the last generation of Ipod:
Ingraved Itouch

{November 11, 2007}   Marketing according to Apple


Steve M. Chazin , a Apple marketing executive and marketing expert, published  this year a very small reference book of 8 pages where he explained the reasons of the Apple marketing succes:

  1. Don’t sell products. For example, Ipod advertising invite you to experience the Apple lifestyle, and to become a part of the Ipod community.

  2. Never be first to marketing. The quality of Ipod are not better than some of its competitors, what the Ipod does “it make Apple fans”.

  3. Empower early adopters. For example the special editions of Ipod, or an infinity of accessories who allow you to get YOUR own Ipod customised.

  4. Make your message memorale. Today, Apple focuses the message with, for the Ipod, “1,000 Songs in Your Pocket”.



  5. Go one step further. You have to make the first experience of the customer memorable. For example, the incredible design of the Apple Store. I went this summer to the Apple Store of London on Regent Street, you don’t feel that tou are in a store, but more in a contemporary museum!



You can download the reference book HERE, and then click on EBOOK.

{November 11, 2007}   New Surprising king of Distribution

Normally, if you want to buy something which cost on average 150 euros, you go to a specialist shop in order to get for example, professional advices or different services (after-sales service department or guarantees)…

But today Apple decide to offer to his customer a very surprising king of distribution of his Ipod and accessories, with the creation of automatic distributors, as commonplace drinks or condoms vending machine!

This one come from Las Vegas, it is designed to impulsive purchases in Casinos and Hostels.


{November 11, 2007}   Guerilla Marketing for Ipod

Apple decided to create few advertising posters really innovative to promote the Ipod and its sofware Itunes.

Guerilla Marketing in USA





But we can regret that this campaign is present only in USA.

Othe example, these window displays can be seen in Apple stores. They simulate a broken window in front of a iPod Hi-Fi sound component:


{October 4, 2007}   An Intensive Marketing Campaign

Who don’t know the famous TV commercials for Ipod?

All its advertisings are bult on the same model.

First, a background very coloured, with warm colours like red, yellow.

Then, dark silhouettes are dancing to the tune of their Ipod. The Ipo, with its pearly colour, do a contrast with the silhouettes, that allows to stand out the mp3 player.

To finish, the soundtrack is an very important point in this advertisings. This musics are not famous, but after their using in the commercials, they were a big success!

{September 30, 2007}  

            First, I have to present to you the IPOD. It’s the most sended personnal stereo all around the world. With 108,8 milions of IPOD on the planet, Apple score a great succes.

            Today, there are several versions available of IPOD.





 From left to right, The IPOD Shuffle, Nano, Classic and Touch.







A innovative technology isn’t the only secret of Apple, the marketing strategy used has a lot to do with. this success.



{September 27, 2007}   IPOD

40 units by minut!!!

That’s the incredible result of the famous



…On my blog, I will try to present to you how Apple arrived to be a big hitwith us…

et cetera